Name: Mad Monk of the Midlands

Sunday, January 18, 2009

On my way to becoming a Creature of Light

... And nothing's forever, except the Wind that scours the Earth...

January fourth in Minnesota began a brutal two-week perioud of unrelenting snow, ice, wind and cold. At one point, places like International Falls were as cold as the South Pole.
I looked out at the absolute whiteness and wondered, why would any human have decided to stay here?
The whiteness is stunning, to be sure, and the cold is serene, because so little moves or makes noise, except the wind. But Winter makes everything more difficult. The cold slows everything down. You need to put on more layers of clothes, your glasses fog up, ice forms on your mustache and eyelids, the muscles don't respond as quickly, you need to allow at least twenty percent more time for any task or to go anywhere.
Winter thins the Herd. Some succumb to its harshness.

Sunday the 18th: in the Time of the Great Dread, and the Time of the Great Relief...

The Great Dread: that everything is falling apart. We're all going broke, and between Israel and Iran and Al Qaeda, Armageddon's a better bet than Wall Street.

The Great Relief: after eight gloomy years stumbling under the weight of the vision of W and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and Dickie Dark, at last there's a Shining Light, and America could once again become the City on a Hill....


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