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HO, HO HO Single - HO, HO, HO ©2008
Musicians: Milo Bobbins - vocals; Billy Steiner - harmonica; Pete Steiner - rythm guitar
Songs: Ho, Ho, Ho
The Struggle To Free Milo Bobbins THE STRUGGLE TO FREE MILO BOBBINS ©2002
Musicians: Milo Bobbins and the Budget Boys
Songs: Bye, Bye Britney Spears, Barroom Cathedral, Holstein Blues, Waited For A Train, Ballad of Bill and Monica, Penelope Pumpkin, Condoms For Christmas,Bean-Oh!, Va-Va-Va-Vanna, St. Peter Tornado - 1998 and Loved Me Anyway
Just Enough Money For Beer JUST ENOUGH MONEY FOR BEER ©2006
Musicians: Milo Bobbins - vocals; Billy Steiner - harmonica; Dave Pengra - bass; Ron Arsenault - lead guitar; Pete Steiner - rythm guitar; Amy Kortuem, Lyon & Healy - harp and harmony vocals
Songs: I Shall Not Be Moved, Just Enough Money For Beer, My Gas Guzzlin' Hawg, Please Come Home From Baltimore, Daughters, What God Thinks,Selling My Body To Science, Two-Fisted Charlie, That Time Of Year, Abide With Me and Ralph's Corner Bar